From Critical Care to CEO: Lisa Brooking’s Path to Personalized Healthcare (Ep.51)

From Critical Care to CEO: Lisa Brooking’s Path to Personalized Healthcare (Ep.51)

Movement is medicine, and it takes various forms for each individual. Lisa Brooking is here to share the value of personalized healthcare before and during your retirement!

In this episode, Brittany Anderson invites Lisa Brooking, CEO of Health Code Medical on the show to discuss the link between health and wealth, the importance of personalization in healthcare, and value alignment. 

Lisa shares her journey from critical care nurse to CEO, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing health as an asset class. She discusses the role of functional medicine in preventing chronic diseases, the importance of movement as medicine, and the approach Health Code Medical takes in providing personalized care. 

Lisa discusses: 

  • Her professional insight on the value between health & wealth
  • The need for personalization in the healthcare system
  • Her recommendations when implementing preventative care in your lifestyle 
  • “Movement in medicine” and how that looks different for everyone
  • How she helps individuals start from scratch in their healthy lifestyle journey
  • And more

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About Our Guest:

Lisa Brooking is a dynamic and engaging healthcare leader with a proven track record in both the private and public sectors, spanning across tertiary acute, primary, and specialty care. Lisa holds a deep understanding of the healthcare sector rooted in a progressive career starting as a critical care nurse. She is passionate about the provision of high-quality person-centred care and keeping our promise to patients. Through stakeholder engagement and tactful negotiation, Lisa crosses the finish lines. An independent thinker and transformational leader, Lisa leans into complex problems offering innovative solutions while staying attuned to ROI & potential risks.

A recipient of the Young Women of the Year award by the Business Women’s Association, Lisa provides purpose-driven leadership and reliable stewardship with a ‘boots on the ground’ approach. As an accomplished athlete and public speaker, Lisa enjoys opportunities to inspire and engage an audience of healthcare professionals, students, and athletes of all ages.

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