The Power of Community and Collaboration with Brooke Casanovas (Ep.59)

The Power of Community and Collaboration with Brooke Casanovas (Ep.59)

As the founder and CEO of The Last Mastermind, Brooke Casanovas empowers seasoned entrepreneurs to navigate significant transitions in their business and personal lives. She provides them with the clarity they need and connects them to a supportive community, helping them confidently embrace their next big chapter.

Listen as Bryan Sweet interviews Brooke about The Last Mastermind’s role as a pivotal, life-changing platform for those on the verge of new beginnings. Whether you’re transitioning from a successful career into retirement or simply seeking your next passion project, this conversation provides insights into harnessing your experiences toward a fulfilling future.

Key discussion points include: 

  • What causes people to get in their own way and feel stuck
  • What makes any mastermind group highly productive and beneficial (i.e., where the magic happens)
  • Living in alignment with your values while keeping an open mind to new possibilities
  • Why transitions are a great time to self-reflect and think about your wildest dreams
  • Bryan’s personal experience going through The Last Mastermind program
  • And more

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About Our Guest:

Brooke is a long-time gatherer, president of her niece and nephew’s fan club, and has been in the entrepreneurship world for almost a decade. Her favorite thing to do is to strip the human capital out of a room and make magic with it to bless other people’s lives. She especially loves helping seasoned entrepreneurs who are in transition in business and life, find clarity and community to do their next act with. She is the founder and CEO of the Last Mastermind.

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