Finding Health and Fulfillment in an Overwhelming World with Christopher Turner (Ep.52)

Finding Health and Fulfillment in an Overwhelming World with Christopher Turner (Ep.52)

Good health enables you to accumulate more wealth and enjoy the wealth you’ve already built, leaning into your purpose and experiencing new things in life.

In other words — with good health, you can continue to dream big!

Join Brittany Anderson and guest Christopher Turner, founder of EMERGICON and EMERGIFIRE, for a meaningful discussion about living your best, healthiest, and fullest life by prioritizing your health and well-being. They also highlight a profound mindset shift that stops people from “getting in their own way.”

Christopher discusses: 

  • How to manage life’s stressors when everything seems chaotic and overwhelming
  • The power of gratitude and continuous improvement
  • Making conscious choices to balance health and wealth for a purposeful life
  • Redefining retirement as a journey towards joy and fulfillment, not just an end to work
  • Advice for people who don’t have anyone to share their interests with
  • And more

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About Our Guest:

Christopher founded EMERGICON in 2006 to fill a need in the ambulance medical billing services industry by providing a better solution for processing ambulance claims in Texas. Since then, they have grown into Texas’ largest ambulance billing provider and experienced year-over-year revenue growth, including being named to the 2019 Inc. 5000 list for fastest-growing privately held companies. In 2019, Christopher launched EMERGIFIRE to provide a related service and experience for fire departments in Texas. They achieved these results with caring and well-trained team members, formal processes that focus on continuous improvement, rigorous attention to detail, and deep industry knowledge.

Christopher is a staunch advocate and supporter of a company having core values and behaviors that drive a team’s actions daily. At EMERGICON, they believe in achieving the best outcome and being of service with collaboration, responsiveness, and a positive attitude. Beyond culture, Christopher is a proponent of continuous improvement and lifelong learning for our business, team, clients, and industry.

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