Fostering Recovery From Addiction Using Music With Andrew Sossin (Ep.50)

Fostering Recovery From Addiction Using Music With Andrew Sossin (Ep.50)

You probably know somebody or have somebody in your life who you’ve watched suffer and struggle with addiction. It’s so prevalent in our society today and our guest Andrew Sossin wants to share how he is combating it.

In this episode, Brittany Anderon invites Andrew Sossin to discuss his journey from various professional fields to founding his own addiction treatment center, Recovery Unplugged. 

The center uses music therapy in conjunction with evidence-based psychiatry and psychology to connect with clients and provide effective treatment. Andrew also discusses the success rate of their program, the importance of fostering a culture of open communication, and the challenges they faced in establishing the center. 

Andrew discusses: 

  • The birth of his organization for addiction treatment “Recovery Unplugged”
  • The influence of music on your thoughts and emotions
  • Some of the risks and struggles he has faced while creating this organization
  • How he has successfully integrated open communication and value alignment within this program
  • And more

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About Our Guest:

​​Over the past 20 years, it has been Andrew Sossin’s enduring pleasure to grow as a South Florida business leader and community advocate. His professional focus on financial services and business development has allowed me to establish multiple successful ventures in a wide array of fields, including addiction care, customer service, music management, and insurance.

Andrew’s experience, passion, and advocacy has allowed sitting on the boards of such inspiring organizations as Nova Southeastern University, the Jewish Federation of Broward County, and the Jewish Center for Science.

He’s also had the honor of holding key memberships with the United Way Tocqueville Society and the American Cancer Society and is the proud Co-Founder and Board Treasurer of Face the Music Foundation, a non-profit that mobilizes individuals and communities to combat addiction through music events and partnerships.

In addition to holding a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Florida, he is a graduate of the Tony Robbins Mastery University Business Mastery and Leadership Academy programs and a former student of the Jack Canfield Breakthrough to Success program.

In my work with Recovery Unplugged Treatment Centers, I’ve led the consistent, proactive, and responsible expansion of the company, from a singular treatment facility in South Florida to a national addiction treatment organization that now helps thousands of clients per year, from all over the country, find their way to lasting recovery from substance use disorder. 

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