REPLAY: How To Better Discover Your Value (Ep.56)

REPLAY: How To Better Discover Your Value (Ep.56)

Life often becomes a whirlwind, leaving us feeling overwhelmed with countless interests and commitments.

But what if we shifted our perspective? Instead of trying to juggle everything, focus on a select few things you’re truly committed to.

In this replay, Bryan Sweet and Brittany Anderson delve into the process of defining your next life phase. Discover how aligning with your values and passions can shape your journey forward.

Bryan and Brittany discuss: 

  • The value of knowing the difference between being interested in something versus truly committing to it
  • The concept of “pick three” 
  • Benefits of a supportive network that understands and encourages your pursuits
  • Real experiences of taking action and having a positive mindset
  • And more


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