Gaining A High-Performance Edge With Dr. Cindra Kamphoff (Ep.55)

Gaining A High-Performance Edge With Dr. Cindra Kamphoff (Ep.55)

Whether one is harnessing resilience and confidence in the realms of athletics or the professional sphere, it’s crucial not to overlook the significant influence they wield.

As a mindset coach and accomplished author, Cindra Kamphoff imparts invaluable wisdom on mental conditioning for athletes, emphasizes the importance of present-moment awareness, and introduces practical tools such as the “truth meter” to counter negative thinking patterns. With a notable track record of assisting esteemed sports organizations like the Minnesota Vikings and the American Olympic Track & Field team in conquering self-doubt and dispelling limiting beliefs, Cindra convincingly demonstrates her mastery in cultivating high-performance mindsets.

Join host Brittany Anderson as she chats with Cindra about handling pressure using techniques like “pop the pressure,” and the universal application of these strategies in life transitions and facing skeptics. Sandra also teases her upcoming book on confidence, differentiating the feeling from the skill. 

Top Take-Aways Include:

  • Transitioning from athlete to coach & mastering the high-performance mindset
  • Applying an athletic mindset to personal challenges
  • How to handle pressure like an Olympian
  • Defying the naysayers using the “Watch me” mentality
  • And more


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About Our Guest:

Cindra Kamphoff, Ph.D., CMPC, PCC, is an award-winning keynote speaker and certified professional coach for leaders, professional athletes, and championship teams. Her clients range from Verizon Wireless, Target, and Walmart to the Minnesota Vikings. She has provided mental training for the Minnesota Vikings for the last four years, working one-on-one with the players. Cindra worked with the United States Olympic Track and Field team in Tokyo working with the athletes one-on-one to help them train their minds.

She is the author of an Amazon bestseller, Beyond Grit: Ten Powerful Practices to Gain the High-Performance Edge, and a recent second book, Beyond Grit for Business: How to Boost Performance, Leadership, and the Bottomline. Her podcast, The High-Performance Mindset podcast, has over 3 million downloads and is ranked in the top 100 podcasts where she interviews thought leaders about mindset. She is a proud Minnesotan and lives in Mankato with her husband and two teenage boys.

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