Dreaming Big, Dreaming Bigger, and Dreaming Beyond (Ep.23)

Dreaming Big, Dreaming Bigger, and Dreaming Beyond (Ep.23)

You did it! You have gained and have been able to sustain your confidence. 

Now what can you do with it?

In this episode, Bryan and Brittany build off of previous ideas about gaining confidence by explaining what you can do once you have found confidence in your abilities to achieve the things you have been dreaming about. They also discuss strategies you can implement in your life to find the opportunities that can bring your dreams to life.

Bryan and Brittany discuss: 

  • How to find out what “dreaming big” means to you
  • Strategies to avoid stalemates and take action on your goals
  • How to find and create the opportunities that can make your goals come to life
  • How to maximize your ability to make conscious decisions in both your personal and financial life
  • And more


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