Thriving as a Business Owner in the Age of AI (Ep. 44)

Thriving as a Business Owner in the Age of AI (Ep. 44)

Today, we are providing resources and guidance to business owners to help them avoid burnout, realize the opportunities AI is providing and rethink their retirement.

In this episode, Bryan Sweet and Brittany Anderson discuss the challenges and opportunities faced by business owners. They highlight the struggles of limited employee markets, hiring difficulties, succession planning, and the identity shift that comes with exiting a business. 

The conversation also explores the shift in retirement mindset, the advancements in technology, particularly in AI, and the importance of proper exit planning. They encourage business owners to stay ahead of technological trends and leverage AI to their advantage. 

Bryan & Brittany discuss: 

  • The struggles and triumphs of business ownership: How to curb common pain points as a business owner in the modern day
  • Embracing technological advancements and taking advantage of the opportunities AI provides
  • The role of intentionality when avoiding business owner burnout
  • Some modern takes on retirement planning and business exit planning
  • And more


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