How to Take a Proactive Stance on Your Well-Being (Ep. 43)

How to Take a Proactive Stance on Your Well-Being (Ep. 43)

We’ve said it before, we’re saying it again now, and we’ll say it even more in the future:

Health is a priceless wealth.

In this episode, Bryan Sweet and Brittany Anderson discuss their recent health and longevity immersive event. They explain that the event was created to address common issues their clients face, such as health & longevity, purpose, legacy, and experiences. 

Bryan and Brittany emphasize the connection between health and wealth, stating that good health is essential for a meaningful life. They also discuss the importance of proactive healthcare and prevention. 

Bryan & Brittany discuss: 

  • The role of proactive healthcare in your retirement plan and how to implement it
  • Recent advancements in medical technology and when you should ask your doctor about them
  • Sweet Financial’s health and longevity immersive event: What it’s all about and how you register for their upcoming date!
  • Personal client stories of realizing the relationship between health and wealth
  • And more


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