Integrating Charitable Giving Into Your Lifelong Financial Vision with Oliver Kollofski (Ep. 48)

Integrating Charitable Giving Into Your Lifelong Financial Vision with Oliver Kollofski (Ep. 48)

As we approach Giving Tuesday, Brittany Anderson invites Sweet Financial’s Director of Wealth Services, Oliver Kollofski onto the show. Together they dive into the topic of charitable giving and how you can start making this practice part of your greater financial vision.

They also discuss the significance of non-cash donations, like appreciated investments, and donor-advised funds. The conversation also covers personal growth, with Oliver sharing his experience in auto racing, and the importance of having a roadmap for life transitions.

Oliver and Brittany talk about: 

  • Oliver’s journey of fulfilling the role of Director of Wealth Services at Sweet Financial
  • How to start implementing charitable giving strategies in your life today
  • How to avoid making the most common mistakes when it comes to finding your charitable giving strategy
  • The first steps you can take when struggling to decide what the “best” charity is to give to
  • And more


Connect With Oliver Kollofski:

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About Our Guest:

Oliver’s knack for simplifying the complex and generating creative planning strategies for our clients has earned him the unofficial title of the “smart guy” in the office. All jokes aside, Oliver thrives in creating opportunities in even the most complex cases, and in painting a picture that allows the client to make informed and educated decisions. Since joining our Sweet Financial team in 2007, and becoming a partner in 2013, Oliver has worked closely with the advisors in the office to help our clients create the retirement they can’t wait to wake up to. 

He is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and a Certified Private Wealth Advisor.

What some may not know about the poised and often reserved Oliver, is that he enjoys driving race‐car and has been an avid hockey player and coach for much of his life. When he’s not doing all of that cool stuff, you’ll find him spending time with his wife, Emily, and sons, Jace and Van.


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