How To Change Your “How’s” Into “Whos” (Ep.12)

How To Change Your “How’s” Into “Whos” (Ep.12)

When approaching big life decisions, people often look to the logistics of “how” can I achieve this end result rather than “who” can help me get there. 

This mindset shift can transform the way you approach change, widening your scope and allowing you to take a step back and realize that you do not always have to be an expert in everything you do. 

In this episode, Bryan and Brittany focus on how seeking help from experts outside of your position in every aspect of your life can help in ways you never imagined, so that you can get back to doing what you love most. 

Bryan and Brittany discuss:

  • The concept of who rather than how
  • How asking for help can be an empowering step to achieving your goals
  • How you can create the right mindset to achieve your goals without your expectations weighing you down
  • The importance of allocating time to what makes you happy to create your dream lifestyle
  • And more


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