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Going from Zero to Seven Figures with Christine McCarron (Ep. 46)

Going from Zero to Seven Figures with Christine McCarron (Ep. 46)

Want to learn how to invest in yourself, surround yourself with the right people, and give back to make an impact?

This week’s guest is the person to talk to.

In this episode, Brittany Anderson welcomes special guest Christine McCarron, who shares her journey from having less than zero to a seven-figure net worth through real estate investing. 

Christine discusses the importance of surrounding oneself with the right people, overcoming self-limiting beliefs, and aligning one’s choices with their purpose. They also explore the power of giving back and creating experiences through financial resources. 

Christine discusses: 

  • Her experience with the common disbelief of “I’m too old”, scarcity mindset, and how she overcame these limiting beliefs
  • How to surround yourself with the right people & how to find out if they’re going to enhance your growth
  • Embracing and finding your purpose as you grow older
  • Her experience of giving back and how she stays true to her commitments  
  • How to hold yourself accountable to YOUR commitments
  • And more


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About Our Guest:

Christine McCarron went from less than $0 to a 7-figure net worth starting at age 50 thanks to real estate investing. Through her coaching, courses, podcasts and books, she loves sharing what she’s learned to help other women exceed their expectations and create a legacy.

How Core Values Shape Your Identity and Influence Your Growth with Carrie Campbell (Ep. 42)

How Core Values Shape Your Identity and Influence Your Growth with Carrie Campbell (Ep. 42)

What narratives from your past do you find yourself holding onto that may not serve your future? Let’s take a moment to reflect on that.

In this episode, Brittany Anderson chats with Carrie Campbell, a skilled clinical counselor with a strong grasp of mindset and emotional intelligence. Together they discuss the importance of aligning your values with goals and decisions, examining external influences, and consciously choosing values that serve your authentic self. 

Carrie also emphasizes the significance of core values in personal and professional settings and the power of introspection and self-reflection for personal growth!

Carrie discusses: 

  • How experiences shape the way you view yourself and the world and how that can positively and negatively impact your attitude
  • The process of “de-influencing”: How implementing it sparks personal growth
  • Money stories: What they are and how to rewrite the negative ones
  • The four pillars of mindset and how to implement them within your everyday
  • And more


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About Carrie Campbell:

Carrie Campbell is a clinical counselor and has worked with populations ranging from children with special needs and addicts to high-performing corporate executives and celebrities from the worlds of entertainment and sport. Her current list of personal clients includes NBA superstars, nine figure corporate executives and individuals working through addiction.

She has spoken on stages worldwide as an expert in mindset and emotional intelligence. Having co-developed the landmark system “Eliminate Your Limits”, a process that New York Times bestselling author, Dr. Benjamin Hard referred to as the most scientifically valid mindset system on the planet. Carrie wrote the Amazon bestselling book, “People Pleasing Nearly Killed Me” which sat at number one on the stress management category for nearly three months after its release in 2016.

She’s also a wife, a mother of two young adults, two French Bulldogs, and is a professional fitness competitor placing third in the world in 2001. Her personal life goals are happiness, impact, and mastery, and strives to teach and share that with the women in her Unstoppable Woman project as well.