An Entrepreneur’s Guide: Building A Business You’ll Love For The Rest Of Your Life With Mike Koenigs (Ep. 40)

An Entrepreneur’s Guide: Building A Business You’ll Love For The Rest Of Your Life With Mike Koenigs (Ep. 40)

Having a successful business doesn’t always mean someone has found fulfillment. Sometimes their business isn’t impacting the parts of life or the people they intended it to.

In this episode, Brittany Anderson talks with Mike Koenigs, an entrepreneur who collaborates with other entrepreneurs to create a business they’ll love for the rest of their life. 

Mike reflects on his experience working with limiting entrepreneurial mindsets and walks you through how to push past these feelings of stagnation.

Mike discusses: 

  • His 4 question approach and how it can narrow down your desires and goals
  • How he helps business owners and entrepreneurs push past feelings of stagnation
  • The power of moving yourself away from people who don’t keep their word and fail to show up (moving past self-sabotaging behavior)
  • The preventative measures you should take to get yourself re-focused on your business goals and aspirations
  • And more


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About Mike Koenigs:

Mike Koenigs is a serial Entrepreneur, judge on’s “Elevator Pitch”, Forbes and Entrepreneur Writer, 13x Bestselling Author, Mike Koenigs helps “Experts Build Empires” and “Category of One” brands. He works with entrepreneurs to elevate their status, authority, thought-leadership and message to create more impact, income and freedom. 

His companies have helped over 61,000 customers in 156 countries get noticed, amplify their message, create awareness, gain attention and engagement so they attract better customers who spend more.

He co-hosts the “Capability Amplifier” podcast with Strategic Coach founder, and author of “Who, Not How” and “The Gap and the Gain” author, Dan Sullivan and “The Big Leap” podcast with NYT Bestselling author Gay Hendricks.

He’s a regular contributor and columnist for Entrepreneur and Forbes magazines and interviewed, consulted and advised celebrity clients, billionaires and bestselling authors including Tony Robbins, Paula Abdul, Richard Dreyfuss, Dave Asprey, JJ Virgin, John Assaraf, Brian Tracy, XPrize founder Peter Diamandis, Jorge Cruise, Harvey Mackay, Daniel Amen and Darren Hardy.

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