Get Visibly Fit™ In Mind, Body and Spirit With Wendie Pett (Ep.36)

Get Visibly Fit™ In Mind, Body and Spirit With Wendie Pett (Ep.36)

Planning for retirement consists of so much more than setting and investing the right amount of money. People often forget how important it is to invest in their health so they can enjoy their wealth.

How are you investing in your health to enjoy your retirement?

In this episode, Brittany Anderson talks with Wendie Pett, a professional trainer and coach. Wendie discusses her journey of becoming a health and wellness coach so many people can enjoy their retirement years and create valuable memories.

Wendie discusses: 

  • The path that led her to become a passionate health & wellness trainer and coach
  • How you can implement physical and fiscal healthy habits into your lifestyle
  • How to not just invest your money for retirement but invest in yourself
  • How to start realistically pursuing your fitness goals 
  • And more


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About Our Guest:

For over two decades, Wendie Pett has been motivating people to make fitness and good nutrition part of their daily routine. She teaches the balance of mind, body and spirit through her Visibly Fit™ wellness program. Wendie has a nationally syndicated television program that airs each week on the NRB Network, LIFTABLEtv, WLCN, Faith Unveiled Network and IBN Television. It has aired for over 9 years. Her television show also appears weekly on the Life Network For Women app. For over 8 years, she’s been known as ‘Coach Wendie’ on KTIS radio in the Twin Cities with her featured healthy tips segments. Wendie is also a featured columnist in VEGWORLD Magazine, The Christian View, Best Ever You, Refreshed, Vegan Lifestyle, and Wendie has two podcasts, Visibly Fit (won Best Lifestyle Podcast 2021 by Spark Media) and Your Biggest Breakthrough with her husband, Todd. Wendie is a full-time business owner, a naturopathic doctor, wife, mother, author, speaker, TV host, advisory board member for Christian Women in Media and part-time volunteer. Her business consists of whole-food/plant-based wellness coaching, emotional healing, personal online training, fitness planning, educational and motivational speaking, and creating new products/tools to assist clients along their wellness journey. After a major injury to her shoulder, she resorted to body weight resistance exercises for strength and healing and hasn’t turned back to any other form of training since. She has helped countless others reach their fitness goals without ever compromising their joints, tendons, or ligaments – teaching that Your Body Is Your Gym™ and instilling new diet habits that have shown to reverse multiple diseases and allow people to get off medications. To learn more go to

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